Chalet Vites: your wellnesshotel in Canazei

relaxation and harmony

After day outdoors, between sports and walks, there is nothing better than relaxation at our wellnesshotel in Canazei, free of charge and reserved for the hotel guests.

Well-being literally means “to be fine”. Here we have everything you need to give your senses intense moments of relaxation and harmony.

For this reason, we have turned the wellness area of Chalet Vites Mountain Hotel into an intimate ambiance full of magic, capable of regenerating you, owing to the sensory experiences that you can live within its walls.

Leave your worries and fatigue outside the door and let yourself be wrapped in the seductive atmosphere of the spa. Appreciate our attention to details, enjoy the comfortable ambiances, and find your balance thanks to the innovative solutions for the care of mind, body, and spirit.

Opening hours

of the wellness center

From 15.30 to 20.00
Entry is forbidden for children under 16.

A hotel with an innovative

wellness center in Canazei

To make our wellness center in Canazei real, we designed it together with Starpool, a company specialized in the production of wellness areas.
In our approach to the design, we have taken into account the holistic aspect and the individual needs of each guest. All of us are unique and well-being exists only in relation to our feelings.
This is how our “social spa” was born, respectful of the perfect path logic – the heat of each bath is matched with a proper contrast cold reaction. This way, we ensure the respect of the person and of his body.
With this awareness, we have created specific ambiances, where your personal tastes will comply with your search of unique and intense pleasure

Saunas and baths

In our wellness center you will find:


Modeled in oak wood and lit up by tempered glass, our sauna is ideal for those who want to relax. Inside, you can recreate the principles of the Finnish sauna (90 °) or of the soft sauna (50 ° -60 °), fostering purification of wastes and access fluid, relaxing muscles, and improving the sleep / wakefulness balance. Give yourself an unbelievable feeling of well-being.

Turkish bath

Crystal-coated, our Turkish bath gives you relaxation thanks to chromium effects and eucalyptus-flavored steam. Abandoning to the embrace of the steam promotes cleansing and elasticity of the skin, creating a general sense of well-being and relaxation.

Emotion and reaction baths

  • Ice cascade
  • Breeze
  • Cold rain
  • Stream

Relaxation area

After experiencing the different spa paths of our wellness center, enjoy the rest in the relaxation area. Lying in front of the salt wall, enjoy the benefits of mineral salt and the relaxing effects of its light.