Chalet Vites Mountain Hotel

a boutique hotel in Canazei

where every room has a story to be told

Dear guest, welcome to Chalet Vites Mountain Hotel, an exclusive boutique hotel in Canazei. A hotel with unique and unmistakable style that my husband and I have built in the heart of the Fassa Valley.

We have created it with natural materials, such as the ancient wood of our mountains, the Dolomia stone, and the soft fabrics of wool and linen adorning its spaces. This is how a warm and welcoming atmosphere was born, that makes you feel in harmony with the history and traditions of this enchanting valley.

Each room of our hotel was inspired by some detail of this land.

From mountain sports to undergrowth treasures, to the traditions of our people. Every room of Chalet Vites Mountain Hotel is a world with a story to be told.

Here, we have mixed modern design and mountain traditions to give you an experience that you will not forget so easily. Get ready to live it out.


Your 4-star hotel in the heart of the Dolomites

Chalet Vites Mountain Hotel is situated in Alba di Canazei – in the middle of a breathtaking scenery. Here around, the majestic profile of Marmolada , Langkofel and Sella stand out. Ancient and fascinating mountains, dappled with green meadows and forests in summer, and caressed with with snow in winter.

We are in the heart of the Dolomites – a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Precious for its beauty and rich in possibilities for those who, on vacation, wants to combine relaxation with the pleasure of adventure and discovery.

A man-sized hotel

At Chalet Vites Mountain Hotel, we try to make every guest feel well welcomed, pampered and at ease.

We do this by daily offering local products and homemade cakes in the two rich breakfast and snack buffets.

We do this by taking care of every particular detail of our [wellness center] (internal link). A cozy place where you can give moments of pure pleasure to your senses and regenerate the muscles that are sore from an intense day of sports and outdoor activities.

Finally, we do this by creating moments of conviviality. As it happens in our bar – an ideal place for those who want to relax and spend some time in the company, warmed by the heat of a fireplace or a drink.

These are just some of the experiences that you can live within the walls of Chalet Vites Mountain Hotel. There is only only  way to discover all of them – book your stay at our exclusive boutique hotel in Canazei right now.

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